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Subject:Is OBAMA the "Prince" Of "Bait and Switch"?
Time:12:07 am
Is OBAMA the "Prince" Of "Bait and Switch"?

It has been speculated by Our friend Ester, (a Philippine/U.S. Naturalized citizen) that, as it has sometimes happened in Philippine politics, That the DNC may have placed OBAMA as their candidate Knowing FULL WELL that he would not be able to take the oath of office For the FULL REASON of GETTING DONATIONS to Fill The DNC's Coffers.

Although I do not Like it, I must admit that if this is so, it is the strategic equivalent of "Operation Mincemeat", A staggeringly successful British Intelligence Operation during WW 2, Told Effectively in the Book and Movie,

"The Man Who Never Was.

In it, a Dead Man who had been a nobody was taken by British Navel Intelligence and give a Phony Personality that made him look like someone of importance. Everything..his credentials and even theatre tickets were fabricated to look genuine and doggy. The Body was discovered and handed over to German Intelligence where his Identity and the false plans for allied invasions were swallowed whole.

Although a live person, I believe that it is wholly possible that OBAMA is Just such a "Man who never was".
Surely he has been "swallowed whole" and the DNC is 640 million richer for it: http://www.opensecrets.org/pres08/summary.php?cid=N00009638

If indeed the DNC knows and has always known that OBAMA cannot legally take the oath of office because of his immigration issues: http://www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin84.htm , Is it possible that the DNC wanted Bidden for President all along and KNEW he would NEVER win against McCain if he stood on his own feet?

Truly, Bidden could have NEVER raised 640 million.

Truly, with 640 Million to buy every advantage, why is the race so close? Shouldn't the DNC be "Winning" by a landslide?

Some People believe that if OBAMA is disqualified by the Electoral College, that Bidden Automatically takes office. This is a question worth exploring at length.

But even if Bidden cannot take office, the DNC is the clear winner. There will surely be megabucks left in the coffers after race day and they will be in the position of advantage from which to launch counter strikes in the future.

Surely, if this is so, the DNC has pulled off the greatest strategic Ploy ever and OBAMA will forever be Known as "The Prince of Bait and Switch".....and if Senator McCain Wins, He truly wins this election "Against all Odds".

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Current Location:Tampa
Subject:October 30, 2008, Supreme Court Steps, Defend the Constitution!
Time:11:20 pm
Supreme Court Rally, Philip J Berg, October 30, 2008, Supreme Court Steps, Defend the Constitution
October 29, 2008
Philip J Berg will go to the US Supreme Court on Thursday, October 30, 2008. Show up at the steps of the Supreme Court and help defend the Constitution.

From MommaE talk radio:

“Please post this on every Blog you can and e-mail to everyone in your address book and ask them to send it to everyone in their address book!!


Please get your signs made today and tonight and be ready for tomorrow! The things to go on the signs will be listed below. We need as large a Crowd as we can get to be waiting at the steps of Supreme Court for Mr. Berg, the person meeting him at the Train Station as well as Will Bower who will be there to accompany him there. Fox News will also be at the Train Station and will follow them all the way to the Supreme Court, filming everything.

Remember to be loud, but RESPECTFUL as this is about having the Supreme Court hear us and grant us what we are asking for, proof that Obama is eligible to run for the Office of President, our Commander In Chief.

Chant: Speech, Speech, Speech, when you see Mr. Berg on the steps. He will speak before he goes into the Court, unless he needs to go in immediately, if not he will speak when we comes out.

He will stop and acknowledge everyone that is there and thank you for your support."

This action, (which is being filed against OBAMA by a life-long Democrat) will be the most potentially powerful political scenario in this century. If you would like to be there at this historic moment, please join us.

OXOjamm Studios will be having an after party for all participants.

Country First,
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Current Location:Tampa
Subject:A Bounty on McCain Signs AND PEOPLE???!!!
Time:09:39 pm
This is the sickest crap I Have ever seen. How Low will OBAMA Go? How Depraved is his Campaign?

Islam offers $50.000.00 Dollars (US) for the head of John McCains Pastor.


A bounty On McCan-Palin signs! (Bounty's are here too in Florida, but cash money.)


Read how OBAMA really feels toward the plight of abused women: http://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2008/10/17/ballistic-obama-supporter-assaults-middle-aged-woman-with-stick-from-her-mccainpalin-sign/

One sweet persons opinion of this despicable kind of behavior:


With rock-solid credible and respected reporting like this: http://www.usnews.com/blogs/barone/2008/8/22/obama-needs-to-explain-his-ties-to-william-ayers.html
We find it hard to believe that anyone would consider OBAMA "Honest".

And Concerning the OBAMA citizenship issue, at least this case is going to the Supreme Court and there are 25 (and still counting) others in progress: http://obamacrimes.com/index.php/component/content/article/2-news/45-press-release-berg-v-obama-dismissed-berg-appealing-to-u-s-supreme-court
(I still can hardly believe that this suit ((and Many of the others, as well)) were brought by Democrats.)

People are still discussing so-called "Issues", when the "Issues" do not really matter anymore. Only that OBAMA fails every acid test of credibility, character and examination of association.... Unless of course you are an enemy of the United States and it's constitution....Then of course, he's your Man.

Please Join the Republican Party and Vote Republican.

Country First;
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Subject:Sinking Fast People....Sinking Fast! (Links Working Now)
Time:05:10 am
Now, only one week ago!

These People: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?memberId=-1&articleId=281474977487978

Were Sooo sure that the whole OBAMA Fake thing was bull-Dinky, are doing dinky in their pants NOW and even deleting prior posts of support for OBAMA!

Sinking fast, people...Sinking Fast.

According to some sources, at least half of the 50 (At Present) state attorney generals are posed to challenge OBAMA, should he win.
Legal paperwork and motions are already penned. Motions to strongly charge (as in: to remind) the electoral college in this matter are already under way.

The DNC admits that it did not properly Vett OBAMA.

If indeed OBAMA fights to the end, then the DNC will be ruined and Hillery will will unleash her platoon of lawyers, sue, (and most likely win) against the DNC. Then she will start her own party, file motions to delay the election or move quickly to have another election. No One can say for sure if this can happen. However, John McCain may win by Default and that will be the end.

One thing is very probable and that is the ruination of the DNC...

Quick Links to the actual Legal Documents: http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/pennsylvania/paedce/2:2008cv04083/281573/27/

Quick Link To CITIZEN WELLS STORY: http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/judge-surrick-ruling-philip-j-berg-lawsuit-october-24-2008-us-constitution-obama-ineligible-to-be-president-middle-east-libya-kenya-obama-threat-to-us-uphold-constitution/#comment-6438

Finally, A Middle Sized Mainstream Newspaper breaks the story...Not the times or the daily news yet but not a bad paper, Posted just a few hours ago: http://www.fayettedailynews.com/article.php?id_news=2338 (Since typing this 9 other papers have posted, as well.)

Hear the Interview On OBAMAS Kenyan Grandmothers startling admission about her being present when OBAMA was born in Kenya (!!!) Here: http://michaelsavage.wnd.com/?pageId=2256

So much is happening as I write that I cant keep up with it! (and It's only 4:41 am!!!) The Net and airwaves are exploding with this story and the best thing about it is that it is that the main protagonists are DEMOCRATS! Even his own People think that his deceptions are outrageous.

I don't think it will be long now.....
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Subject:Conservative Republican Couple Needs your vote
Time:06:50 pm
Please Vote for them. They are true deserving Republicans and truly need our support.

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Time:10:28 pm
brought to you by colleagues at the people's cube, the political brain:

Dr. Fuku: "That's what happens when a human brain is allowed to grow without the caring guidance of the progressive establishment. The inflicted develop delusions that democracy is the best known form of government, that capitalism creates wealth, and that people all over the world desire liberty and prosperity - while every progressive humanitarian knows that the best form of government is the dictatorship of the proletariat, that capitalism creates poverty, and that nobody really wants liberty and prosperity for themselves outside of the collective."

Naturally it took twice as much time to map it because the brain of a progressive, open-minded Democrat is always changing - as opposed to the rigid and bigoted Republican brain.
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Time:08:52 am
Current Mood:Semper-Fi
Fuckin Ay....

Mostly I don't talk about the details of War because with regard to same come the flashbacks. I had an avalanche of them during and after this extraordinary film. Though not my exact genera, Jarhead captures what other war films haven't: The Hell which is in the details.
Enter The SuckCollapse )
Go See Jarhead....and Remember, you aint lived...till you nearly died.

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Time:12:47 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and other protest lunacy...Collapse )

and.... the DRAFT COUNTER!!!!!


It has been this long since Bush was re-elected ... Where is the draft?

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Time:12:12 pm
Mon Mar 21 2005 10:09:48 ET

PLAYGIRL editor-in-chief Michele Zipp has been stripped of her duties after she revealed how she voted Republican in the 2004 election.

Zipp, in an e-mail, claims she was fired after an onslaught of liberal backlash.

"Hello Drudge,

"After your coverage of my article about coming out and voting Republican, I did receive many letters of support from fellow Republican voters, but it was not without repercussions. Criticism from the liberal left ensued. A few days after the onslaught of liberal backlash, I was released from my duties at Playgirl magazine.

"After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican.

"I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views."

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Subject:letter to senator ted kennedy, from a marine
Time:10:42 am
Sir, With all Due respect-

I am sorry that you think that me and my fellow Marines are failing to win the peace in Iraq. This is not a "quagmire" or "horrible mess". You have no idea what you are talking about. Is it hard? Yes it is but it is a fight that those of us who have volunteered for believe in. It deeply offends many of us when you make those statements. You are doing nothing more but giving political aid to Al-Queda [sic], Osama Bin Laden, and many other terrorist groups who want nothing more but to kill Americans. Do you not believe that OBL and other terrorists and Islamofacists enjoy, as well as believe it is a victory, hearing you call the war a quagmire or a mess. You might as well tell them that you believe that Al-Queda [sic] is winning which makes our fight harder and more difficult on the ground. Maybe if you would give the troops a little thanks and support, in both their mission and actions, once in awhile more of us would support you and your fellow democrats. Whatever happened to the democratic party of FDR and the party of your brother, JKF? Please sir, stop giving political aid to Al-Queda, Osama Bin Laden, and the other Islamofacist we are fighting. It only makes it harder for those of us who are fighting these monsters and not career politicians like yourself.

Respectfully Submitted
A combat Marine

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