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Subject:Calling all Conservatives! Yo' Ho'...Yo' Ho'...!!!!
Time:07:26 pm
Current Mood:Hearty.

Me Heartys;

The Pirates of the Seven Seas Cordially invite you to join us for Tampa Bays Gasparilla Pirate Invasion.

Present a print out of this post to be admitted into the inner circle where you will be among the Admiralty of the Crew and immune to the normal Hazings, Quests, Harassment, and general abuse heaped upon neophytes. You Must be wearing your Full Pirate Garb.....(See Photo)

This year we have the second largest Float and the 3rd largest ship. Expect to have to help out in a "Supervisory" capacity.

Room and Board will be provided through the weekend by the Pirates of the Seven Seas.

Ready on the Poop Deck!;
Capt.Jack Flash,
Pirates of the Seven Seas:
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Subject:New community for blue state Republicans
Time:05:48 pm
For those of you who are like me and have the unfortunate distinction of having to be from a blue state, and thus dealing with terrible Democratic leadership, I invite you to come join my new community, bluestategop. It's a community for all of us to work together to promote GOP candidates in the blue states, and to do the best we can to turn those states red. If you're a red-stater you're free to join, too, we can use all the help we can get.

Feel free to visit and join it if you're a Republican- and pass the word!. No liberals allowed, they will be banned on sight- not because of their views, but because of their behavior. I've seen nothing but a lack of class from LJ liberals, so I'm not dealing with them this time.

So you blue state GOPers...JOIN!

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Subject:The idiot's (read: journalist's) guide to Social Security.
Time:08:32 pm
Enough of this. I'm getting sick and tired of all these "journalists" writing columns on Social Security and acting like they're economic experts. These people are either blatantly trying to deceive the public, or they're some of the biggest morons who've ever lived and actually believe the garbage that comes out of their mouths. I'm going to go with the latter, as most "journalists" are nothing more than journalism/writing/arts type majors, and no offense, but these people have little understanding for real world applications and economics.

In Time magazine today, we have what may be the greatest example of this journalistic deception on Social Security so far:

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Subject:The American left re-introduces itself to America on January 20th.
Time:08:39 pm
NOTE: I posted this in my LJ and figured it would be of interest to you guys. To those of you liberal lurkers on here, don't bother responding. Kiss my ass, your behavior has pissed me off beyond all belief, and this one's for you people.

As we all know, inauguration day is coming up. George W. Bush is going to celebrate his well-deserved victory from November 2nd- especially being that he is the first President since 1988 to get over 50% of the vote, which is also something only two Democrats since 1836 have ever done (and Bill Clinton is not one of them). George W. Bush also received the most votes in the history of American elections, and did so against perhaps the most hateful, angry, and vitriolic political opposition that any candidate in this country's history has ever faced. Indeed, some of the actions and statements of the American left in the past few years would rival- or even surpass- that of the anti-Lincoln south in the pre-Civil War political atmosphere. While the south may have seceded, even they would come off as classy compared to the American left today- especially when looking at the words, statements, and actions of these people.

And that's where January 20th comes in. You see, January 20th is a new beginning. January 20th is an opportunity for America to, ironically enough, "move on." We have had divisive elections in the past, and in each and every scenario- even in the 1960s when John F. Kennedy beat Richard Nixon in a [proven] fraudulent election, America moved on. Both sides put aside their hatred and vitriol, and acknowledged the fact that the election was over, one side conceded and the other side won. The Republicans of the 1960s did not hold sour grapes or hatred of their opponents for that election. In 1980, Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in a landslide- the American left may have had some elements which never got over that election and continued to blast and attack Reagan (particularly in the media), but the Democratic Party as a whole moved on back then. They realized there was a winner and a loser, and they worked with Ronald Reagan, for the most part.

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Subject:Remember: SPEND SPEND SPEND January 20th!
Time:02:19 am

Here's what I'll be purchasing January 20th:
-Garden State on DVD
-Taxi Drive on DVD
-Gradius Galaxies for Gameboy Advance
-A new Playstation controller
-A few assorted Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games

and last, and certainly not least:

-A double-quarter-pounder, with cheese, American hamburger with a side of large fries and a Coca-Cola, which I shall eat while blasting "Hail to the Chief" from the speakers of my SUV.

Feel free to comment with your own "To Purchase" lists. :D
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Subject:Time to take action on Social Security.
Time:11:08 pm
Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is not my usual post. This is not an analysis, nor is it a commentary. This is not an opinion piece, nor is it news reporting. Instead, this is a call to arms. A call to arms for each and every single person under the age of 50 who is concerned about Social Security and the state of their retirement funds- and whether they'll ever see the benefits they've been promised for paying 12.4% of their money every year towards the system.

Being that most of you reading my material are in the sub-30 age group, perhaps the one that stands the most to lose under the current Social Security system (and thus the most to gain from reform), I'm going to officially launch my next big political campaign. 2004 brought the Bush re-election campaign, I did all I could do help out with that, but now I think it's time to start the push on Social Security reform- particularly being that the general public is very uninformed on it. The media and the Democratic Party's routine distortions and demagoguery do not help the situation any, either, and millions of Americans who can benefit from reform have no idea that they would. In fact, they've been duped into thinking that private accounts would somehow HURT them, which makes absolutely no sense as we've discussed the past few weeks.

You may have noticed that one of my biggest focuses, as far as my column writing goes, is on economic conservatism and Social Security reform- especially in the past two weeks. This is because I think people need to be informed on this, and it's also because I think that if we do not act now, this Social Security reform package will never pass. This is the greatest chance for Social Security to be significantly reformed, and perhaps will remain as such for the rest of our lives. As I mentioned before, delaying reform only makes reform more expensive, by hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Therefore, I'm asking all of you to step up and take action. In the coming days I'm going to be writing three letter "templates"; one for the President, one for a Democratic Senator/Representative, and one for a Republican one. I'm going to let you all borrow those letters, and you may edit/copy/paste them into your own personal letters to send to your Senators and Representatives. We particularly need to target the Republicans- some GOP congressmen are scared to death about supporting this reform, because they think Democrats will demagogue the issue and turn voters against them. We need to prove this wrong, and we need to do it by being as loud and vocal as possible. The GOP can pass this reform without a single Democratic vote; so we need to target our GOPers, and then move on to the very few Democrats who can think sensibly about this issue.

We won in 2004, and now it's time to win the biggest issue of 2005. Your wallets will thank you when you retire, should we happen to pass this reform. If you'd like to assist with this, respond to this post so I can get your congressmen's information for you. And if you'd like to get even MORE involved, let me know because I sure could use a few fellow activists to head things up on this project with me.

Maybe we can even get the entire LJ conservative community involved with this, and create a super-strong movement. I know SOME of you out there are motivated, as I saw before November 2nd. The Bush team needs our help on this, and we shouldn't just go into hiding now that the election is over. This is for our own good.

The Bush team will be asking for our help in the coming days, weeks, and months. Let us get a head start and make an impact- once again, for the second time in 3 months.

(R) - NJ

PS- Linked below are the most important Social Security columns I've written, for those of you who wish to get more information on this (oldest first, newer ones below):

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Subject:Pledge of Allegiance in a Catholic School?
Time:07:02 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
I am the leader of my High Schools Teenage Republican's group. For the past few years my school has refused to allow the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance over the announcments. This week My group of teenage republicans approched the Student Council to propose an ammendment to their constitution such that the pledge would be read daily at the time of announcements. Student Council got the Administration involved and it appears that it isn't that after 9/11 we just stoped saying the pledge it was intentionally stopped.


I was the leading speaker at today's debate and present the following reasons to say the pledge of allegiance:
1) It is a reminder that you are a part of something far greater that does a lot of good in the world.
2) It respects those who have served and given their lives for this amazing country
3) It honors many of the privilidges we take advantage...freedom of speech etc.
4) The Pledge of Allegiance is a reminder of what our country was founded on.

I argued that even though the pledge shows support for our government you do not have to support the current administration in order to believe in what the US Constitution stands for.

My school is Jesuit. If you know about the Jesuits they are the educated radical left of the catholic church. They were created to end the protestant revolution...

The argument they used against the Pledge was the following:
They claimed that the Goals and the Message of the Cross and Jesus Christ often directly contradict the Pledge of Allegiance. They then asked, Why should we say the Pledge? We are in a Catholic institution, what is the meaning/what is the point to doing so.

Any advise you can give on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
I posted in bush2004 because i know our President would disapprove of the school not allowing us to say the pledge. :)

X posted in bush2004 and conservative_co
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Subject:The Boxer Rebellion
Time:12:11 pm
For those of you who are looking for some good information to document the liberal lunacy that took place on Thursday (the Ohio challenge by Barbara Boxer), feel free to check out my personal LJ, ssidhu82. I found the full transcripts of what took place on the Senate/House floors, and pulled out a few choice speeches as well. Here's the direct link (I also have a few commentaries on all this in my personal LJ too.)

I'd post it all here, but it's way too long. Feel free to check it out.

The Smoking Gun: What was said on the House and Senate Floor during the Boxer Rebellion

My commentary on the Boxer Rebellion

Mark Steyn's Column: Election protest shows why Dems don't count
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Time:10:12 pm
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Subject:astound and surprise your liberal friends with this article!
Time:10:23 am
"the benetton-ad presidency":
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